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Our Approach

Our Vision

Chairez Coiffure aspires to inspire life long learning, constant improvement and a friendly artsy vibe.

Community is important to us. We believe art and our craft go hand in hand. We welcome local artists to showcase their work at the salon which in return inspires our creativity visually. 

We want to encourage you to express your individuality through our craft. 

Our motivation is to offer you the best experience. 

Our Story

Owners, Enrique and Janeth Chairez, both born, raised and loyal to El Paso and it's community, have many years of hair cutting and color experience.

They met in beauty school back in 2003. Working up and down Mesa St. inspired and inspiring the industry.

The Chairez team has been growing their knowledge since then and is always eager to further their development in all aspects of hair and business.

Meet the Team

One of our priorities is to give you the best experience by building long lasting relationships with our clients.

Owner/ Master Hairstylist/ Colorist

I grew up in the Lower Valley of El Paso TX. I’ve always being interested in crafting and activities where you are given the freedom to create.

Cosmetology was a blessing at a time when I was just avoiding college. Many years later, it turned out to be the right choice. I met my wife, became a father, and started our business. I have also made a lot of friends along the way both behind the chair, and at every salon I’ve worked at.

I enjoy all aspects of the industry, but I consider myself a natural born hair cutter. I gravitate towards precision hair techniques, which I learned at the SASSOON ACADEMY.

Owner/ Master Hairstylist/ Colorist

I was born in Cd. Juarez, MX in 1983. Being born and raised in the border I have experienced a variety of different hair textures from fine and straight to thick and curly.

I don’t define myself to a specific salon service because I do it all. I just love the transformation and boost of confidence I’m able to give the client. From a haircut to a color retouch or a formal updo and makeup application.

My experience in the beauty industry has allowed me to travel, meet interesting people and make a lot of meaningful friendships. I continue to strive to be the best and further my education to compete with the new trends, but also keeping it classic.


Master Hairstylist & Colorist-RENTER

Traveling all the way from Las Cruces, NM. each morning for your hair is only one of her many attributes to her dedication to her craft. She is a knowledgeable colorist that will  transform, brighten and or blend your blondes and brunettes into the color you have aspired to have.



Born and raised in El Paso, TX., her personal style reflects in her work. Being both young in age and in the industry she has paved her path to success with her genuine personality and eagerness to work hard. She loves the adventure of the process, long or short, and is always searching for the daring. But don't underestimate her wild side. She can also transform you into the beauty queen you have always dreamed of.


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